Friday, January 28, 2011

A Rainbow, and Something Warm and Fuzzy .....

Hi all!

It' been a while! My husband is out of town for a few weeks. He is taking some classes to gain some certifications for his line of work. He is a Union worker and the more certifications you have, the more likely you will be chosen for a job! He will come home on the weekends. Thank goodness for that! The girls and I miss him a lot during the week! Because he's not home, and there has been some "Odd" behavior on and around our block, I decided I would stay with my husband’s Grandmother! I am having a really great time staying here! My girls LOVE having this time with their Great Grandma!! They are getting A LOT of attention from her! We have been stamping a lot together, however I haven't had much time to do the challenges! i have missed them! However, Grandma and I have made quite a few cards this past week! We've had MANY late nights! Finally, on Thrusday, I checked the challenge and i just COULDN'T stay away! I created a card in my head the minute I read the challenge and just HAD to create it!
Here is one card I made based on a SCS challenge! Our challenge was to use more than 3 colors from the rainbow (or something like that).

This was a very easy and QUICK card! I LOVE these butterflies from SU! They are kinda my "Got To!" They just add that little touch that a card needs sometimes! I really enjoyed making this card. Like I've said before, I am not big into BRIGHT colors and I think they came together perfectly here! What do you think?

                                                                     My Quilt Card: 
                            I wanted to explain a bit (If you'd like to skip the story see card below).
I made the quilt card below for a SCS challenge, too! The challenge was “Warm and Fuzzy!” We were to choose a WARM color and add some "Fuzz." So, I thought, "What could be warmer than a Warm, fuzzy quilt?!" The warm color I chose was Baja Breeze (I painted my living room a "Baja Breeze" color, I love it so much!), and for the "Fuzz," I roughed up the edges on each of the layers!  Just like a REAL quilt! :)
If you are wondering how long this quilt took to make, you will be surprised to know... really no time at all! Let me explain:
Two years ago, my mother had planned a vacation for the whole family out on Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard! It was INCREDIBLE!! Every house is just gorgeous there and the air is so crisp! We had such an amazing time! (So much so, that she rented a home again last year for all of us!! SO AWESOME!!)

There was a moment right before we were leaving Cape Cod in the house she had rented, where my mom and my two girls were sitting on the couch and I grabbed my camera and, "SNAP!"

 Isn't this such a beautiful picture of a Grandmother and her two granddaughters!?! :) Love this photo! Well... moving on to my card... After I came home and saw this photo I realized I needed to something really special with it and give it to my mother. I started thinking... "Mom LOVES quilts... what if I take a peak at some of her quilting books, find a pattern, and use that to make my paper quilt?" So, it was about 11pm when I started researching the quilt books. When I saw this pattern, I KNEW it was THE one! I just started going at it. Punching squares like crazy! I used baja breeze dp from SU!'s 2009 catalog. I also added some Not Quite Navy, Baja Breeze, and Night of Navy. When I finished my paper quilt i was SOO pleased! I wasn't, however, please with the hour! It was 3AM!! Eventually, I got some sleep and started to look for embellies to add into the shadow box... I put a lighthouse and some seashells. Needless to say, she loved it! (Right mom?) It sits on her bureau in her bedroom! It really was so much fun to make and GIVE to her! :)
This morning, when i read Lydia's "Free For All- Warm and Fuzzy," I couldn't stop thinking about the quilt I left (not so willingly behind) on my bed! It hit me that I could duplicate that quilt I made with some NEW SU! dp, and use it for the challenge!! And that is exactly what I did!!
                                                    And here is my paper quilted card:

I used my most FAVORITE embossing folder to give it some texture, added a bow... OF COURSE, a new Rosette from SU!, some PEARLS (Of course, AGAIN), A stick pin, a sentiment and there you have it!! My card was COMPLETE!! :)
The photo's below are for you, Mom!! The girls were playing "Dress Up," and I snapped some photos!! Aren't they just SOO cute?!?

not sure why the text I wrote on Layla's card isn't appearing but this photo is of my Little Layla Paige!! She LOVES playing dress up!

This is my little Brooklyn Sophia playing dress up with her sister! When she sees the dress up chest being taken out, she IMMEDIATELY starts undressing! She LOVES picking out and putting on her little outfit!
Well, that's it for now! I really hope you enjoyed my story, my cards and my photos of my little munchkins! For all of you getting hit with snow... stay warm! Till next time....


  1. Jenna, what sweet little girls you have. I will be praying for you and the girls while your husband is gone. I am glad that you are staying with his grandma. Both of these cards are fantastic!

  2. I just had to leave another comment because leaving a comment while ago left a smile on my face. The word verification that I had was SUN IN. I thought it was ironic that was the word. It goes so well with warm and fuzzy!

  3. A dress-up chest - goodness, that brings back memories. Is there anything little girls love more. I remember we used to pull ours out onto the lawn in the summer - goodness knows how, because it was one of the trunks from my mum's move over here from Canada. You'll have to start scrap-booking again as well as making cards, with photos and memories like that to preserve. I remember some of your layouts from when you first started your gallery :D.

  4. Awesome post today sister!! I LOVE the cards and best of the all, the pictures of the girls and one of mama! SO beautful! Miss you all so so much!! MORE PLEASE!

  5. Jenna I am so impressed with your cards & the little stories you add puts a special touch on them. This quilt card you made for your Mom is so beautiful & I know my daughter who is a quilter would love something like that. I swear the talented girl can whip up a quilt in the time it takes me to make a card. She made 13 quilts for Christmas this last year & made them all in about 6 weeks. She cuts them out & sews them together, takes them to the quilt shop where they quilt each one then she takes them home & hand sews the binding on. A lot of work & a LOT of money but she enjoys it & loves to give a little something hand made by her ...
    Hugs, Janie

  6. Beautiful card! this will be on my inspiration blog post tomorrow. I noticed you like piano music. If you have never heard of him, you should check out Bradley Joseph who is one of the most wonderful modern composers today. Check out the album "Solo Journey" which is simply breathtaking.

  7. Love the card made to look like a quilt! Your little ones are so darling. So adorable getting all dressed up!
    Love your blog I just found it today!!!
    Thanks for sharing