Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog Candy and a little chit chat....

Hey Everyone! 

Here's ANOTHER blog post where I am NOT posting a card...HOWEVER, I think you'll enjoy this post anyway! 

 Here is a photo of the BLOG CANDY that I'm giving away from The Fall Blog Hop!!!
I hope you get a chance to take a peak to see what exactly I am giving away. 

There's some seam binding, a vintage style stamp, some VINTAGE buttons, some linen and some lace (of COARSE!) you also get that card sitting in the background! There is still some time left. So, if you want to let any of your friends know about my Blog Candy give away... feel free! 

I will announce the winner tonight!

Good Luck, everyone!!

 Are any of you familiar with Karen B Barber or Michelle Zindorf?? Well, they happen to be friends of mine and we recently got together, along with some other fellow stampers, for some lunch and STAMPING!! I thought I'd share some pictures of that day. 

Here we all are (except me, I'm taking the photo) at lunch at an adorable little Tea House. There were 7 of us. Pam (whose on the far left), Cindy (sitting next to Pam), and Michelle (sitting in the back on the left). The there's (Karen's mom) MaryLou (sitting at the far right end), Karen sitting in the center, and Alivia.

After a really nice lunch, we headed over to Michelle's house to get some stampin' done! Here's Michelle showing us the first card that we were going to be creating. 

 Here are Karen and Alivia sponging away...

 We completed three cards that day and had a lot of laughs! 
At the very end I wanted to get a photo of myself with the two people I thought you all would be familiar to you.
 So here are Michelle (left), Karen (right) and me (center) after all the stampin' was over. I'm looking forward to our next stampin' meeting!

Hope you all enjoyed my blog post today!

I'll be back a bit later to announce the Blog Candy winner!


  1. What a fun day ... I'm so envious!

  2. Wow! I'm totally jealous. I'm surprised that that much creativity would fit in one room!