Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Vintage MASCULINE card...

I know, I know... this is NOT a tutorial like I promised, however I thought I'd post this "Father's Day" card I made this morning, anyway! I hope you all don't mind!

Can you believe I made a Vintage MASCULINE card!?!? I know... I can't, either!! I have to say I am pretty proud of myself! I have a TRUE love for anything vintage! I love distressing paper and dusting different colors on my paper to make it look aged! Not ALL my cards have that Vintage feel, but honestly, most of them do! lol 
Growing up, I absolutely LOVED going to Antique stores with my mom and little sister Amanda! (yes I STILL call her my little sister and we're only 18moths apart!) I lived in NY growing up. About 20mins. from NYC. We had a bunch of Antique stores where we lived. My mom was always on a mission when we went antiquing. She was on the hunt for, "1964 World's Fair" memorabilia. We would have so much fun looking around the Antique stores with my mom. She'd ask if they had any "World's Fair" memorabilia and most of the time it would spark some conversation. I loved listening to the stories she and the store owner/workers would swap. She'd always light up talking about how amazing and fun it was for her when she was a little girl. Many times Amanda and I would walk around trying to guess what some of the "contraptions" were. We laugh a lot at all the wacky stuff there was. There were a few things I would always want to check out. Like looking at the records. I remember picking up an OLD Woodstock record and you could just tell that whomever owned that record played it A LOT! It was completely warped from the record player needle. Another thing I liked to take a peak at was the old "TIMES" magazines and newspapers. it was fun reading them and looking at the old stories. I think just about EVERY antique store had them. I also loved the colors of the plates and the simple, yet beautiful designs they had. Home decor item were definitely different, too. Lamps looked so neat. My mom also collected those 1950's pink/turquoise dish sets. She had this huge glass case in her kitchen which showcased her neat collection. My mom was even interviewed with all her antiques for a documentary that was being made on the "1964 World's Fair!" Pretty neat stuff, huh? So, like I said earlier... no wonder where I acquired my love of Vintage Flair. Thanks mom for all the AWESOME memories!!
About the card below: 
Again, I am just so surprised I came up with something MASCULINE with a Vintage flair! I used Stampin' Up!'s! set called Countryside. I think this image is just PERFECT for a "Father's Day" card! My husband has a truck and it's black so I thought I'd try to color in this image to match his truck! I used watercolor paper and SU!'s markers with a blender pen for my image. I really enjoyed coloring this truck in! I'm not sure if you all know this about me or not, but I absolutely LOVE Sahara Sand and Very Vanilla. They are my "Go To" colors! The new Newsprint dp from SU! is also one of my faves right now. This card really did come together quite easily. Just thinking of all the old vintage items I used to see in those antique stores really helped me to put this card together! I hope you like it!!

I promise, my tutorial is coming soon....
Hope you all have a great day!


  1. this is AMAZING!! Did you do paper piercing and faux stitching around the oval?? Or actually stitch on your machine?! Yikes!

  2. You made me cry ! So proud of the beautiful works of art you create. Amazing. You put so much "soul" in "everything" you do girl. Thank you for bringing to mind the memories of my "64 NY World's Fair" collecting days. What fun we had when I was on the hunt. Didn't have an inkling that it would have such a postive effect on you ! Stunning work Jen! Love You.

  3. Love this wonderful card, and absolutely love your Playlist. Fabulous music for your selections!!!

  4. I'm in awe of this card. It is just amazing. I love the vintage style but it is hard for me to do and I love a really good looking masculine card and this certainly is a very handsome card. I'm an SU Demo to so I just signed up to follow your blog. Thanks for sharing your creation and your story to go along with it.

  5. I love this card. This is the best I've ever seen this stamp done. Bravo!